When it comes to child safety and self-defense, there are a couple of things that need to be noted immediately.

True child safety is not about striking a bag, performing kicks, breaking boards, or sparring in tournaments. True child safety and self-defense is a soft target – a child – up against a full-grown attacker. Generally it’s going to be male. It could be female, but generally it’s going to be male.

We also need to understand that a child five to twelve years old cannot effectively stop the threat of a full grown attacker using a punch or kick. They cannot punch or kick their way out of a fight, because they simply lack the body mass and strength necessary to make these techniques effective on an adult. Bottom line. We test this over and over in our organization, the C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Program.

You don’t have to be tough to pass this test. When a seven or eight or nine-year-old punches or kicks you anywhere
about the body, it generally does not hurt. Especially if you have intent and motive to kidnap them. You’re going to work through it, you’re going to keep fighting.

Now, having said that, there are many things a child can do to defend themselves. However, if there is ever a teacher or
instructor out there that sells you on the point or teaches the point that if you punch a full-grown male in the stomach they will stop, if you kick them in their knee they will back off – it just does not happen. It’s almost physically impossible. So we teach them different techniques: such as anchoring, all the way to eye gouging and biting. these are highly effective techniques for children. Very, very important stuff.

Even more important than the physical techniques we teach them is the mental preparation of the child. They have to be taught awareness, to recognize danger and maintaining proper distance. They have to build the confidence to effectively use their voice to call out for help and most important of all is, if a stranger with ill intent violates that distance and their shouts and actually grabs them, to train them to to fight tooth and nail for their life without giving up. Those things don’t come naturally to kids. They need to be trained.

We need to notice a couple of things about a soft target such as a child, things that are very common among them
that make them a soft target. They’re shorter than the average person. They’re weaker than the average person.
They’re lighter than the average person. They cannot employ great leverage, which means they don’t have the
ability to take down, or manipulate joints, or anything like that.

They’re highly impressionable. They’re not naturally aggressive. They don’t use functional weapons or carry weapons on them. Their strikes are good against a schoolyard bully, not against a full-grown attacker. And anybody who teaches otherwise is really setting that individual up for failure. This stuff is time tested and proven.

So remember, when looking for a child safety specific self defense class, please look for these things. The truth about child safety and self defense must be talked about.