Take Control of Your Emotions By John Graden

One of the key self-defense skills which you can develop is to master your emotions.

Think of your emotions like a Police K-9 dog controls them. These dogs are well trained to attack on command. What’s interesting is that these killer dogs usually live with the officer and his or her family.

I have heard an officer explain how his highly trained and ferocious beast of a dog interacts with the family. Once he gets home and takes his dog’s collar off the dog instantly becomes a family dog.

He plays with the kids, rolls around and has fun. If he gets poked in the eye, he never bites back.

But, once the officer puts the collar back on, the dog instantly transforms into a Police K-9.

You want your emotions to be like that K-9, good natured, happy, but ready to kill on command. The key words are – ‘on command.

Too many people allow their emotions to command them, similar to a K-9 who is pulling the officer by the leash, instead of the other way around.

You have to take control of the beast or the beast will control you.

How many young adults are in jail, prison, or permanently injured because they were unable to control their emotions?

Road rage is a great example of this. The car in front of you doesn’t move once the light turns green, odds are the driver is on his or her phone, we all do it, but, when it’s you behind that motionless car, you start honking. The driver in front of you flips you off and so it begins. If you are lucky the driver takes off and you never see each other again.

Too often, the situation escalates to a physical confrontation where the odds are that one, or both of you, will end up in jail, the hospital, or the graveyard, all over what really amounts to only a five second delay.

In my workshops, I show a video of an argument in front of a college bar in Austin, Texas. In the video a tall blonde male is yelling at a short black haired guy, wanting him to apologize to his girlfriend for something. Bouncers are there trying to hold the tall man back, but eventually he gets free and punches the short guy in the face. The blow knocks the man out cold, he drops to the ground, hits his head hard on the sidewalk, and dies.

The tall man lost control of his emotions and will spend the next two decades in prison, and the rest of his life as a felon. That’s a heavy price to pay for letting the beast control him, instead of him controlling the beast.

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